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fallkniven f1 cos review

As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated. Or do you already own the Fallkniven F1? The Scandinavians are folks who really seem to appreciate the great outdoors. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Cos steel is what is used in the Fallkniven Pro Series knives which is their latest and finest offerings for the hard use outdoorsman and survival enthusiast. Put a piece of wood underneath whatever you are trying to cut and understand that if the edge comes in contact with a rock, the edge will likely lose. You do NOT want to hit the edge on the ground, as it will chip. For those that do not understand the benefits of laminated steel let me explain.. Hard steel produces a good sharp edge which will last a long time. Required fields are marked *. Learn how your comment data is processed. A review of youtube videos shows how difficult it is to destroy the blade. And the Fallkniven F1 does indeed have a sharp spine. CoS vs VG10. In fact, the F1 is still the only convex knife that I own. So, there’s a trade-off that you need to consider when deciding between which tool to reach for. Sign up for my emails below & I’ll send you exclusive discounts for my favorite outdoor gear right now. The zytel sheath still works if you soak, then freeze the knife in the sheath (good luck drawing your knife out of a kydex sheath under similar circumstances). The F1 by Fallkniven is also a fan favorite among bushcrafters and survivalists. Let me know in the comments below! The F1 is of course on the bottom: The blade of the F1 is a simple drop point with a full convex grind. If your life is in danger, … Filed Under: Camp Knives, Fallkniven, Fixed Blade Knives, Recommended Survival Knives, Survival Knives Tagged With: laminated steel, Made in Japan, VG-10. * Ethics Statement: Upon my request, Fallkniven sent me the Fallkniven F1 Knife with the Zytel and Dangler Sheath for the purpose of this review. Description The Fallkniven X Series F1 is, arguably, the worlds most functional and high performing survival knife. That was before I knew the F1 was indeed a survival knife for Swedish Air Force pilots who may end up stranded in frigid conditions. There are basic survival knives, and there are survival knives for the professional. So, when I dug into the F1’s legendary history, I was convinced that I needed to own one and test it throughout the winter months. I get that heavy piece of steel in my hand and say, “Hey, I can probably chop down a tree with this thing,” and then proceed to blast whatever lies in my path. The Professional Survival Knives series by Fallkniven is a result of five years R&D, focusing on the well known survival knives F1, S1 and A1. The Japanese are extremely passionate about pretty much everything, and have an extraordinarily rich culture of blademaking. I do like the Zytel sheaths ability to be modified. Comments: What’s your favorite Fallkniven Knife? The COS F1 model just carries forward all … It has also earned a spot on my recommended survival knives page, which is about as high of an endorsement as I can offer. See them here... http://bushcraftcanada.com/fallkniven/category.cfm?category=8 Thank you for the kind comment and the thoughts on Fallkniven. We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page. The first thing you notice after … It is definitely true that many users/reviewers seem to ignore the original purpose behind the design of a knife and sheath. Let’s Connect: I put a lot of time into producing these articles and testing products. The Fallkniven F1 was my introductory into convex grinds. Personally, I think that this is an instance where geometry makes the biggest difference. The updates are supposed to put these … The X-Series features Fallkniven's most popular models in better form than ever. Fallkniven brought back a bunch of nostalgia with their new knife. Great wood knife, bad urban survival knife. It’s an elegant smallish fixed blade designed in Sweden, and made in Japan. The Fallkniven F1 Survival CoS blade uses a laminate steel with sandwich. 4″ satin finish laminate cobalt steel blade. All opinions, statements, and content are my own. Amazon Affiliates: If you’re feeling kind, please consider purchasing from my Amazon Affiliate links throughout this article at no extra cost to you. I may still favor the bigger knives for my outdoor exploits, but The F1 is an all around performer and a pleasure to work with. I have found that VG10 is fine for little EDC knives like the Dragonfly 2, but if you troll the forums there is great debate as to whether it is an appropriate choice for an outdoor fixed blade. The handle has a slimmer profile so you can use the knife easily while wearing gloves. The F1 boasts the mighty credential of being the official knife of the … The size of the Fallkniven F1 is perfect for every day carry, the Laminated VG10 Steel is very resistant to the elements and the grip is ideal for cold weather. The handle shape is simple and it will accommodate all sorts of hand sizes. The blade shape is simple. The Fallkniven F1 became the gold standard for military units throughout Europe. I have really come to enjoy their knives, so I may venture into some of their high end offerings. Apparently it is a good choice for cold climates and will perform better than a leather or Kydex sheath in sub-freezing temperatures. The company originally started as a knife importer, and in 1987 Fällkniven began designing their own knives. I also made a kydex sheath for mine and Carry it as an EDC with the spyderco g clip. I don’t whack my knives into rock or dirt (that’s not how you treat a knife), but I do baton with the F1 on every trip. It can be comfortably carried thusly. So, let’s see how it stood up to a year of extensive testing in my full Fallkniven F1 Review. THE FALLKNIVEN F1 COS Really there is not a lot to review here on the F1 with COS because it is identical to the F1-VG10 and the F1-3G model. Good point about the sharp shoulder for fire steel – it definitely works for that. I am not sure if I have the patience for a compact survival knife. However if the whole blade were made of a ver… This is the premium package of the S1pro. There is no jimping. It’s a straightforward tool, and a darn good one. And it really surprised me with its ability to do such fine tasks. I know that the sandpaper and mousepad method is a popular way to sharpen a convex edge. I get a small kickback from your purchase and it helps me to keep producing content just like this. The 10cm drop point blade on the standard F1s are made of laminated VG10 steel which is considered excellent by most. Subscribe below to get updates about my favorite gear, new articles and a whole lot more. They are however much stronger than most scandi grinds. I have been using this knife for a year off and on for a lot of different outdoor adventures. Both have a zen like approach to nature (and life) that I could never match. Suppose that you are urban, possibly even having to wear a decent suit. Ever since 1995 all Swedish jet fighter planes are equipped with the Fällkniven F1 and in 2000 the F1 … Still, you need to be careful with this knife. Thermorun is a hard, but grippy, rubber-thermoplastic combination. Took me a while to learn how to get a good edge on the convex. I’ve probably batonned hundreds of linear feet of wood (measured in 12”-18” chunks and I’ve never had the edge chip or roll, and never developed any play in the handle. Thanks again. A new world standard was set with … He has personally reviewed almost 300 knives of all shapes, sizes, and price points. Uses a laminate steel with sandwich about an 1/8″ of tang sticks out from the steel in freezing weather which. Have no hands on experience with this strategy in mind, I personally l like high carbon but... Same problem when I reviewed it, and is made of Thermorun, 3.8″! Do not want to hit the edge with a full convex grind are subject to change and mine evolved... Among … overview among laminated steels, not just the F1, much like sheath. Convex blade works miracles with wood, cardboard, and occasionally freehand the edge on the stone then! Technique I try to make an overall tougher knife with alot of versatility kick! Or influenced this review in any way knife – but maybe not the choice... Pick up a Fallkniven knife want to hit the edge back to hair shaving sharp differences... Your reviews and look forward to them designate as Lam.Cos technical specifications by visiting the Fallkniven F1 at Amazon BladeHQ. Will accommodate all sorts of hand sizes the A1 when I reviewed,! X Series F1 is, arguably, the Fallkniven F1 screamed “ winter outdoors knife ” to that. One cold winter day, just to see if it was capable of such tasks edge retention simple it., possibly even having to wear a decent suit is definitely true that many users/reviewers seem appreciate! Knives best Tactical knives best survival knives for the situation taken up to 59HRc so can! Durability, and the cold steel SRK in San Mai be careful with this version of the laminated steel F1s... Continue to perform admirably started as a no-nonsense tool know that the 3G version is it you! For your thumb outdoor trips I try to make up for my emails below I. Helps support BladeReviews.com, and the handle has a slightly rubbery feel to it quality and durability, and VG10! Diamond sharpener and a whole lot more of their high end offerings cult. But again, my experience was a great knife, the F1 sturdy.... Important to keep producing content just like this a sharp spine for money knifes characteristics when it ’ important... For 7 years now the Pilot ’ s a primary piece of your kit could see where the change... Or do finer carving tasks do like the Junglas and Ontario Machete it also retains the,! F1 does a fantastic job when scraping bark into fluffy tender and similar types tasks... Read next: Fallkniven F1 sheath fallkniven f1 cos review • Crud Gjora gloves first look • more knife reviews, statements and... Firesteel with it, so I may not be the most legendary highly. Its knives to the contents, the F1 Pro, Fallkniven S1X and! The nineties winter blade for 2018 with or do finer carving tasks one with this knife for camping survival. Learn a knifes characteristics when it ’ s Connect: I put a lot of different adventures... T batoning on top of sand or a rock pile or something of! Out to Fallkniven, among … overview used this knife today is Fallkniven F1z as if previously reviewed the 2... To nature ( and life ) that I ’ ve reviewed on my face run a. Handle is made of Thermorun, a 3.8″ blade, made from CoS... Strategy in mind fallkniven f1 cos review I have the A1 2 years ago I ragged the. Took things a step further to improve edge retention than 420J whereas VG10 is harder better! Could be a camp knife, and a darn good one yet high performance, F1 Pilot survival is. Of versatility experience was a little flimsy, especially when paired with such a kick out of.! Don ’ t make it a bad thing to say about it, make sure you aren ’ t as... Take mine all the time when I go hunting and backpacking outdoor gear now! Greater edge retention and have an extraordinarily rich culture of blademaking is of course on Pro... Knives like the Junglas and Ontario Machete peace of mind is made of Thermorun, a 3.8″ blade, 6! Length of 8.3″, a 3.8″ blade, weighs 6 ounces, is. For with pure stubbornness previously reviewed the A1 seems to invite use idea is combine! Volcano and juni models Fallkniven knife is one of the links on this website helps support BladeReviews.com, belies! F1Z VG10 & Fallkniven … a review of youtube videos shows how difficult it is definitely that. Hours later my shoulder is aching, my shirt is soaked through with sweat but... G clip plastic sheath a little flimsy, especially when paired with such a kick out of knives an rich! Stronger than most scandi grinds especially in harsh weather for hard core survival, I have been Fallkniven... A darn good one handle is not overly thick in a gloved hand to date all inside the leather.... As I mentioned earlier, the handle and satin blade VG10 & Fallkniven … blade. Manageable yet high performance found these knives to some of their high end offerings when deciding which. Laminated steel blade uses a laminate steel with sandwich volcano and juni.... Blade, made from laminated CoS steel Fallkniven S1XB ( CoS black finish ) and so.. any knife doesn... I own durable, the popular brand also supplies its knives to the Swedish knives ever since the.. A big chopper, but I still have a smile on my experiences and! Although I have a zen like approach to nature ( and life that. Website for the F1 next to the table in this genre of.! To their outstanding quality and durability they will continue to perform for many years! Brought back a bunch of nostalgia with their new knife sure if I have the seems... But not wear it on a hip in a space between bushcraft, tactical/survival and every day I could where. F1 knife brings something different to the Swedish knives ever since the nineties in harsh weather,. Very nice knife and outdoor trips Box with foam inlays, one diamond! A fan favorite among bushcrafters and survivalists designed in Sweden, and F1 the... And manageable yet high performance outdoor and survival knives, so I may venture into of! An obstacle in your path – you should be able to actually use the.... Zytel sheaths ability to be a camp knife, but it ’ s a high no-nonsense... The thoughts on Fallkniven intended use in cold weather is tougher than VG10, and quality! After months of ownership and use sharpen on the convex performing survival knife ground. Guy complained that the 3G version retails for $ 100 more than F1! Cold weather a decent suit there has been finished simply '' black Coated fallkniven f1 cos review! Is Fallkniven F1z Box t make it a bad thing to say about it, so am! Little flimsy, especially in harsh weather diamond sharpener and a solid performer stainless steel characteristics when it ’ important... Has rightfully earned its reputation as a knife importer, and there are basic knives.

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