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sharpen herbicide on corn

Sharpen can effectively be applied as a preemerge herbicide to all of those crops. He recommends a preemerge program centered on one of the following products in combination with atrazine: Lexar/Lumax, or Balance Flexx, Corvus, Zidua, Anthem, Sharpen… Many factors effect herbicide carry over; amount of moisture, soil PH, previous crop planted, soil texture, soil organic matter level, no-till, tillage, etc. The first is that it will translocate more effectively through leaf material than Valor and as a result can provide post control of weeds … Mode: Growth Regulator Herbicide: 2,4-D or Dicamba Injury: Fused Brace Root Condition: Late application of herbicide where most of corn leaves and whorl intercept the herbicide; misapplication CORN. Can be tolerant during adverse conditions. Armezon® herbicide is a highly flexible postemergence solution that is designed for high-yielding corn growers. Influence of Select Max and comparison herbicide treatments on corn control at two application timings (Columbia, MO 2007). Specifications: 1 Gallon Jug, Group 14 Herbicide Do not exceed more than 24 fl oz Outlook per year for sequential applications. Acuron Flexi Corn Herbicide. Herbicide Rotation Restrictions Gared Shaffer. Corn is widely grown around the world and is an important crop in all regions. SHARPEN WG Herbicide is a post-emergence herbicide to be added to Roundup Attack Herbicide to improve the control of certain broadleaf weeds including fleabane prior to the establishment of fallows, prior to establishing winter and summer broadacre crops, in commercial, industrial and public service areas, … Sharpen herbicide was designed by BASF to provide fast, flexible burndown of broadleaf weeds applied preplant and/or preemergence in a wide range of crops. To improve control with glyphosate/2,4-D, add Sharpen or another saflufenacil herbicide, as long as the residual herbicides in the mix do include flumioxazin, sulfentrazone, or fomesafen if it’s within 14 days of soybean planting. Use rates of Optill contain a similar amount of saflufenacil. * Sharpen and Guardsman Max rates are based on soil texture and organic matter. Learn More. Ensure to observe and understand all restraints, rates, safety directions, first aid instructions and general instructions on the paraquat product label. Profitable crop production starts with a weed control program that includes pre-plant and/or pre-emergence herbicides to deliver long-lasting, residual weed control. 6 fl ozs/A. BASF claims that there is a risk of crop injury from these mixtures, but has never shared data with us … For fields that will be planted to corn this spring, a combination of glyphosate (using a minimum of 0.75 lb ae/acre) with herbicides that have PRE and POST activity on kochia are most valuable. Restrictions on Grazing/Feeding/Haying of Crops Treated with Herbicides. Use full labeled rates ... Herbicide, Preplant/Preplant Incorporated (710), Herbicide, Postemergence (1374) ... FIELD CORN (GRAIN, SILAGE) AND POPCORN (PREPLANT SURFACE AND … Acuron Flexi combines three active ingredients and two modes of action to flexibly control the toughest herbicide-resistant weeds without carryover. Use Group 14 (PPO) in soybean followed by Group 27 (HPPD) in corn. Roundup Corn with Resistant Broadleaves. Sharpen up your spray program all year round Sharpen ® is a powerful knockdown herbicide that can be used to replace or reinforce the effectiveness of glyphosate in different use patterns all year For example, Sharpen, Verdict and Princep cannot be applied after corn emergence. SDSU Extension Weeds Field Specialist. Gramoxone, for example, is a Group 22 herbicide that has a different site of action then the Group 4 herbicides … Coarse 2 pints 3 pints Preemergence or POST (up to 30” tall or V8 corn) Soil <1.5% 1.5-3.0% Texture OM OM__ Include Group 15 herbicides in the both corn and soybean. While you can use a Group 15, we would probably suggest running with Verdict (Outlook plus Sharpen), Resicore (Surpass plus Callisto plus Stinger), or Acuron Flexi (Dual plus Callisto plus bicyclopyrone) instead. It can be used in select field and row crops [chickpea (garbanzo beans), corn (field, pop, seed, and silage), cotton, edible pea, field pea, lentils, rice, V1-V2 Corn at Application. Soybean should not be planted prior to 30 days following a Sharpen 1.0-1.5 oz/A rate on sandy soils with less than 2.0% organic matter, for all other soils the plant-back is immediate for 1.0oz/A or 14 … apply POST with Status herbicide. Our blog provides the latest agronomy news and production advice to help you … Tank mixing 8 to 16 oz of dicamba and or 1 to 2 pints of atrazine, will control small kochia and other existing broadleaf and grass weeds. Spring Burndown Dicamba or 2,4-D + glyphosate or glufosinate + paraquat; Pre-Plant* 1,4 /Pre-Emerge** 4 2,4-D + glyphosate or glufosinate + Sharpen ®, Corvus ®, Resicore ®, Valor ® SX, Lexar ® EZ, Impact ®, atrazine + Group 15 herbicide 2; Post-Emerge*** Liberty ® 280 + dicamba + Capreno ®, Status ® + … Sharpen herbicide provides both contact burndown and rate-dependent residual preemergence broadleaf weed control (refer to Table 1 and Table 2 for lists, respectively). Sharpen herbicide can be a dded to this tank mix to assist with annual broadleaf weed control, including common ragweed. Active Ingredient: Saflufenacil 29.74%. Herbicide options for burndown of existing weeds prior to planting of no-till wheat include glyphosate, Gramoxone, Sharpen, and dicamba. Use effective soil applied herbicides at planting. When planning on rotating to Hasten at 1% v/v must be added when applying SHARPEN WG Herbicide with paraquat herbicides. Apply a preemergence herbicide such as atrazine, saflufenacil (Sharpen, Verdict), or isoxaflutole (Balance or Corvus). In 2013, farmers grew corn on 184 million hectares worldwide, producing just over 1 billion tonnes. Products listed for corn include Aim, glyphosate, and paraquat, and for soybeans include Aim, paraquat, glyphosate, and Sharpen. Mode: Growth Regulator Herbicide: 2,4-D or Dicamba Injury: Rolled "buggy-whip" Whorl Condition: Late application of herbicide where most of corn leaves and whorl intercept the herbicide … When used in tank mixture with a residual grass herbicide in maize and sweet corn crops SHARPEN will control fathen, black nightshade, broadleaf docks (seedling), willow weed and wireweed, and will suppress pink shamrock. 47) of the 2014 Weed Control Guide for Field Crops (E0434). A spring burndown program in corn and soybean provides effective weed control to prepare for planting and helps to decrease the seedbank during … The bottom line in corn is that even if some marestail recovers from the burndown application, herbicides like Halex GT or Capreno … Apply only as a tank mix with recommendedrates of herbicide containing paraquat. BASF – does not support and has never allowed mixtures of Sharpen with any other PPO herbicides per the Sharpen label. View the product label for Sharpen Powered by Kixor Herbicide from BASF Ag Products. It’s also possible to substitute Sharpen for 2,4-D when it’s not possible to wait 7 days … 66. With four effective herbicide active ingredients (AIs), including the unique component bicyclopyrone, Acuron ® provides season-long weed control to help fully protect your corn’s yield potential. The rates of Sharpen that are labeled for corn, 2 to 3 oz/A, and provide similar rates of saflufenacil in comparison to the use rates of Integrity. Labeled for Field corn, Popcorn, Seed corn, and Sweet corn. Acuron/Flexi Corn 45 DAA Aim Corn, small grain No restriction Acetochor Corn No restriction Anthem Corn, Soybean Not allowed ... Sharpen Small grains Soybean, legume forage Corn … Sharpen is in the PPO herbicide family, which contains among others, Valor. Dicamba labels have the following restriction on preplant applications – “Allow 10 days between application and planting for each 0.25 lb ai/A used”. Sharpen is labeled at the rate of only 1 oz/A in soybeans, because soybeans have less tolerance to saflufenacil compared with corn. See active ingredients, product application, restrictions, and more. “Every time you apply a herbicide, you select for resistance,” Bolte says. Herbicide For Roundup Ready ¹ Field Corn ** Sharpen must be applied prior to corn emergence or severe injury will occur. V4-V5 Corn at Application ----- % Control* -----Select Max. In Roundup Ready corn, glyphosate should be used even though resistant populations of kochia may be present. Preplant/Burndown Herbicides for Weed Management in Field Corn (cont.) Or Verdict (a saflufenacil (Sharpen) + Outlook premix) can be used for improved broadleaf and grass control. “It is critical to look at other burndown options so we can save growth regulators (Group 4) for in-season use,” says Bolte. Know More, Grow More Blog Feed. LibertyLink ® Corn. If kochia becomes a problem after the corn has emerged, there are several postemergence herbicide options. Tank-mix partners with glyphosate may include a bleacher herbicide (Callisto, Laudis, Capreno, Impact, Realm Q, etc . Corn is an important crop primarily used for food, animal feed and biofuels. It is also a good idea to add one or more herbicides with a different mode of action to the glyphosate. Verdict will also add suppression or partial control of nutsedge to this weed control program. Sharpen differs from Valor in two significant ways. Herbicides can persist and affect future crops. Another good option would be glyphosate and Verdict or Sharpen, which should be both effective and allow for flexibility if the corn stand is lost and then replanted to soybean. ), … "Using both preemerge and postemerge applications of herbicides increases the chance that pigweeds will be controlled," Thompson says. ), dicamba (Clarity, DiFlexx, Status, etc . A complete listing of soil-applied herbicides that can be applied after corn emergence can be found in Table 1G (pg. Enhance Your Corn Herbicide Program with Sharpen® Herbicide Enhances ANY … Herbicide Rate/Acre Broadcast Mode of Action Preharvest Interval Restricted Formulation Active Ingredient Entry Interval Sharpen 2.85SC (saflufenacil) 2.0‐3.0 fl oz 0.045‐0.067 lb 14 80 days 12 hours Comments: Apply SHARPEN 14 to 30 days before planting corn… Acuron Herbicide Only Acuron outperforms and outyields all other corn herbicides. Treatments: Rate. Herbicide Crop Time interval DAA = days after application WAA = Weeks after appl. Gramoxone Inteon Sencor . Soybean and cotton are different. Read and follow label directions. The basic information for these … CORN. Some dicamba products are also approved for preharvest use in soybeans, and some 2,4-D products are approved for use in corn, and these are not listed in the guide. 94. Although Sharpen is a new herbicide it is not a new mode of action. BASF Sharpen is a pre-emergence broadleaf herbicide for use in corn, soybeans, chickpeas, dry beans, dry field peas, grain sorghum, small grain cereals, cotton and sunflower.

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